Program interactively, in Python and Sage, in your web browser.

Screenshots of some of the main interfaces of Codenode. Click for detail:

Codenode Bookshelf

The Bookshelf: Manage many Notebooks

Codenode Notebook

The Notebook: Write and run code interactively

Codenode Admin Interface

Admin Interface: Manage Users, Groups, and all Data


  • Browser based interface to Python and Sage.
  • Notebook style interface to write and run code, create plots, and organize your work into sections.
  • Manage many notebooks - add, delete, sort, and create folders.
  • Save completed notebooks to share with others.
  • Future support for Ruby and R.


easy_install codenode

Get the latest development code here on Github


Development mailing list: codenode-devel

codenode is in beta stage development. Improvements are happening everyday, so in the short term, much of the software will change for the better.
codenode is free software, licensed under the BSD.